Art Museum Double Feature in Chelsea

I’m Jane and I’m currently on a journey to visit every museum in New York City. You can check out the whole series on TikTok. On a rainy day in March, I explored the Rubin Museum of Art and Poster House in Chelsea – a double feature with dinner after.

I spent the day with my best friend, Jesse. This is great for an outing with friends or a cute date. Our first museum was the Rubin Museum of Art, which focuses on art and culture of the Himalayan regions. The experience is best if you start from the bottom and work your way up (we realized this after starting at the top). The first exhibit is all about different elements of the art and culture so you can better understand everything else you’ll see. The whole museum takes about two hours to visit. My favorite part of the museum was The Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room. It’s an incredible experience.

After that, we walked a couple of blocks up to the Poster House, which is a museum dedicated to the impact, culture, and design of posters. There were three exhibits on display when we went and you can explore in any order. The whole museum takes about an hour to visit. I absolutely loved the Freak Power exhibit (it’s on display until August 15, 2021).

After visiting the museums, we ventured over to Tappo Thin Crust which specializes in thin crust pizza. We chose to enjoy their covered outdoor seating area which was super cute and covered in twinkle lights. I had a custom personal pie while Jesse had the mac & cheese. Both were awesome.

Tip: If you want to hit both museums, make sure to visit Thursday-Sunday when the two are open at the same time. We also recommend booking your tickets online in advance. The Rubin has free admission Friday nights and they reserve Thursday mornings for seniors and folks at high risk.

You can check out my video on Poster House and The Rubin over on TikTok.


  • Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011

  • Poster House, 119 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

  • Tappo Thin Crust Pizza, 49 W 24th St, New York, NY 10010

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