Art Market 101 with the Curious Art Historian

Use code DISCOVER10 for 10% off your tickets, here.

The contemporary art market is fascinating, opaque, and full of mystery. On Tuesday, January 26th from 6:30-8:00pm, join for Art Market 101. In this 45-minute lecture hosted by Women of Culture with The Curious Art Historian, Janelle Diethelm, you will learn all the basics to help you de-code and better appreciate the many facets of the art world, including:

  • The major players of the art market

  • How they function & why they're important to the art market

  • How they dictate how much art is worth

  • Why do people pay so much for art

Absolutely no knowledge of the art market is required; this is meant to be a fun and non-intimidating event in which you can also 'mingle' online with fellow art-full women.

This is a great event for anyone who:

  • Has scratched their head over a painting being sold for millions

  • Has looked at a headline and gone "but who cares if a museum sells its art?"

  • Is interested in the idea of collecting art (at any budget)

  • Would like to gain more understanding of and therefore appreciation for contemporary art

The lecture will be 45 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A and a 20 minute interactive post-lecture discussion and quiz designed to test your knowledge and help you get to know one another better at the end. $12 early-bird through Jan 20th; $15 thereafter. Use code DISCOVER10 for 10% off your tickets, here.

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