A Day at Museum of the Dog

I’m Jane and I’m currently on a journey to visit every museum in New York City. You can check out the whole series on TikTok. When my friends and I found out there was a dog museum, we just had to go, so we spent the evening in Murray Hill checking out the AKC Museum of the Dog.

The museum has a fun mix of art and interactive experiences. We started at the top and checked out the rotating exhibit, which is about dogs in movies. We then explored the AKC Library, where they have a little activity table (probably intended for children) and we colored and did the word games. After, we went to the main floor and checked out the interactive features like one that scans your face and tells you what kind of dog you look like.

We walked down the block to Park Avenue Tavern, which offered indoor, enclosed outdoor, and street-side seating. We opted for street-side and got some apps and entrees to share. Our fave was definitely the bacon mac and cheese. They also have a great cocktail selection. We came back a couple weeks later and tried their new Purple Rain gin cocktail and it’s awesome. Afterwards, we wandered our Grand Central Terminal, as one does.

You can check out my video on Museum of the Dog, Park Avenue Tavern, and Grand Central Terminal over on TikTok.


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